Oxygen Plus was started in the United States in the state of Minnesota over ten years ago by two active and health-conscious sisters who wanted to make the rest of the world a healthier place to live and breathe. After extensive research on supplemental oxygen, they devoted themselves to making a tangible difference by both educating others on its benefits and creating convenient recreational oxygen products.

To attain those goals, these visionary sisters gathered together a set of experts who shared their early conviction that recreational canned oxygen can bring meaningful benefits to our everyday lives. Oxygen Plus, Inc. was formed, and ever since, the vision of O+ has been to lead the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable, enriched, recreational oxygen for sports and wellness-minded persons worldwide.

At the end of 2015, two brothers, both from Minnesota but living in Asia, decided it was time to help the sisters with their mission to bring the benefits of Oxygen Plus to the health conscious athletes, executives, travellers and every day people in Hong Kong and Macau.

These brothers are enthusiastic about extending their commitment to the global cause of fighting pollution and loving our planet in actionable ways. O+ has supported many health and wellness-related causes and Oxygen Plus in Hong Kong and Macau will do so with gusto in Asia. As one of the first recreational oxygen companies and the leader ever since, Oxygen Plus remains the most innovative, dedicated, and hard-working portable recreational oxygen company in the world and its good intentions are now being felt in Hong and Macau in a big way.

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